Clean Roads, Clean City

Litter is polluting our highways! Interstate Business Solutions has partnered with the Indiana Department of Transportation to remove litter and debris from our roadways. Indiana is the crossroads of America and we need to be doing our best to show our communities in the best possible light. Last year we were able to collect hundreds of tons of litter and cover thousands of miles. 

About Us

Dedicated to Cleaner Roads

Partnering with the Indiana Department of Transportation to provide safer and cleaner roads

Positive Business Environment

Cleaner roads attracts businesses to the city and provides a safer commute for their employees

Beautiful Communities

Removing litter from roads and exits helps to beautify the community and it helps residents feel better about where they live

We are Hiring!

We are always looking for hard working and dedicated individuals looking to make the interstates and highways better for all the communities we serve. If interested, please fill out the contact information or give us a call at 317-682-9997.

Siempre estamos buscando personas trabajadoras y dedicadas que busquen mejorar las carreteras interestatales y las autopistas para todas las comunidades a las que servimos.  Si está interesado/a, complete la información de contacto o llámenos a 317-682-9997.

Interstate Business Solutions, LLC

9190 Corporation Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256