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Cleaning Indiana One Mile At A Time!

Clean Roads, Clean City Campaign

Litter is polluting our highways! According to a Keep America Beautiful study, the cost to remove litter from our highways is an $11.5 Billion problem. Here in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Transportation is having to take money and man hours away from critical projects to pick up litter.

Indiana attracts visitors from all over the world! From conventions to sporting events to historical landmarks, millions of people every year come to Indiana to experience all that we have to offer. We want to being putting our best foot forward, but the trash all over our highways is tarnishing our image.

We believe the solution is a corporate/private partnership between the businesses of Indiana and the Indiana Department of Transportation. Interstate Business Solutions created Cleaner Highways, Inc. to recruit local businesses to fund the cleaning of small sections of our highways. We believe that Indiana businesses can rally together to create amazing changes in our community. 

Together we can clean up our highways one mile at at time!

Indianapolis: First Impression

Indianapolis is the capital of the "Crossroads of America" and we have a major image problem. When visitors drive into our beautiful city, the first impression they see is all the garbage on our roadways. This video is just a sample of the litter problem confronting Indianapolis. We are looking to partner with local organizations through the Sponsor A Highways program to help clean up these roads. Contact us for more information! 

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Dedicated to Cleaner Roads

Partnering with local businesses to provide safer and cleaner roads 

Positive Business Environment

Cleaner roads attracts businesses to the city and provides a safer commute for their employees

Sponsor A Highway

Recognition of your company's efforts to clean up our roads, we will install a highway sign proudly featuring your company's logo

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We would love to partner with your organization to clean up our Indiana highways! Please fill out your contact information and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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